How did I become The Wild Elder®

Advancing age on its own didn’t qualify me to be an elder. What did is being a woman who has accumulated expertise, knowledge and wisdom throughout her lifetime.

A woman who works with the mystery of natural laws and the divine.

Plus a brave heart, knowing guts and the deepest love for you and your expansion into the magnificent woman you really are.

I know how it is to feel unsatisfied with yourself and your life. 

I know how it is to be ashamed you feel that way when your life, compared to some people’s lives, is good.

I know how it is to keep yourself busy to try to stop unsettled feeling inside which occur from time to time.

I know how it is to wear the mask of ‘everything’s fine’ when it isn’t. 

And, as hard as you try, it doesn’t work does it?

Because it’s been ordained you are so much more than you think you are. You don’t have to live and die a wasted life.

I’m here to show you how.

Why the wild? 

Natural, untamed, undomesticated and fierce!

Fierce in my passion to serve you and your Wild Soul’s calling. A woman who stands in her power aligned with her own Wild Soul and its calling.

A woman who knows the terrain you’re travelling because I’ve been there before you. And can energetically sense the uniqueness of your own evolutionary destiny.

So I’m superbly equipped to help you avoid the pitfalls, find the safest routes and surest ground to reach your own particular destination. 

That’s the magic and power of The Wild Elder®.


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