I recently spoke with women about whom they go to for guidance when they need it. When I suggested their grandmothers, those who had them unanimously replied with an emphatic NO! Their grandmothers don’t ‘get’ them and their lives.

You might think they’re being ageist but they’re not!

Advancing age on its own doesn’t qualify a woman to be an elder. That’s a woman who’s accumulated shed loads of wisdom, knowledge and experiences throughout her lifetime. I also work with the mystery of natural laws and the divine, whatever you believe the divine to be. 

That’s why I’m The Wild Elder®

Not only shed loads of life wisdom, knowledge and expertise and also as a psychotherapist-alchemist-guide. Plus a brave heart, knowing guts and the deepest love for you and your expansion into the magnificent woman you really are.

I know how it is to feel unsatisfied with yourself and life. I know how it is to keep yourself busy to try to stop feeling the gnawing dis-ease deep inside. Only it doesn’t work, does it? I also know how it is to wear the mask of ‘Everything’s fine’ when it isn’t.

You don’t have to die with a wasted life! 

And the ‘Wild’? In my case, the definition of ‘living in a state of nature, not tamed or domesticated’ pretty much fits the bill. I’m a woman who stands in her own power, untamed by ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldnts,’ who lives aligned with her truth, integrity and natural energies. 

A woman who knows the terrain you’re travelling right now; the pitfalls, the safest routes and the surest ground on which to stand. A woman who guides you wisely and safely to your own truth, meaning and purpose… and shows you how to live it.

That’s the magic and power of The Wild Elder®… Shit hot in the service of who you are and how you desire your life to be. 

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I’ll be glad to hear from you.

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