Women’s Gathering

Whatever you desire in 6 weeks… no sweat!

“I can attest to how powerful the course is, and what a different mindset I, and others, finished with. There is a lightness of spirit and increased confidence in other areas of life too.”   P.W. Scotland


A mixture of women’s circle and mastermind group, you won’t sit passively listening to me drone on and on! This is an interactive, supportive and collaborative way of working which includes the wisdom of the group and your participation.

And with only 5 women in the gathering you get high value personal attention.

What I can’t describe is the magic that gets created when women commit to working for their own greater good and that of others in the group. You can only experience it!

See below for a brief overview of content

Bonus – Your own The Wild Elder journal sent straight to your door!

Week One…

Identify what you desire and will manifest by Week Six. Connect both with your inner wisdom and Divine Feminine work for manifestation basics. The Importance of journaling.

Week Two…

Update on how things are going and tweak if necessary. Experience and learn to use some alchemic magical processes to successfully embed your desire in reality.

Week Three…

Update. Learn the basic premises of the Laws of Attraction. How to navigate and use them to manifest what you desire. And alchemic processes. No bullshit waffle!

Week Four…

Update. Align yourself with the Divine Feminine and your feminine container. Identify and align yourself with your top values and standards and integrity to enable receiving what you desire.

Week Five…

Update. Reflect on desire to identify any need to refine. Identify your next step, what you need to get there and neutralising any self-sabotage. Alchemic processes.

Week Six…

Update. And review your journey including the you who began the Women’s Gathering, who you are now, where you are now and how to embed your learning for the future. Celebrating you manifesting, receiving and creating what you desired!

Bonus Accountability session some weeks later…

Update… And we do whatever work the energy of the group suggests useful.


Only FIVE places for FIVE superb women

Starting Tuesday 10 September 2019 7.15-8.30pm BST

All for the never to be repeated fee of just £197!

With only five places, to secure yours email Sharon now

Here’s what some women have already achieved…

* Manifested a new home.
* Decluttered their home and life.
* Overcame a writing block and wrote their first draft novella.
* Attracted more clients to their business.
* Connected with and expressed their creativity.
* Became more alive in their body.
* Became more confident.
* Attracted retreat participants.
* Developed a confident self-assured voice.

My next Women’s Gathering starts online SPRING 2020

Six weeks plus a bonus Update Session

A dedicated Facebook and Messenger group

Whatever you desire in session one you’ll achieve by session six.

Courage, empathy and sisterhood

ONLY five women!

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“Working with Sharon in her 6 week program has been a lifesaver. I lost my partner in January and needed support in dealing with my aging (I’m 75) now that I’m alone. After one week, I was able to see clearly that I could let go of this issue, accept it, and move on. And in the weeks that followed I gained my confidence back and started setting goals for my new life. Sharon is an amazing coach and teacher — don’t miss the opportunity to work with her.”   Kat Tansey, Author, Educator, Change Agent – USA

ONLY five women…

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Women’s Gathering…
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