Five Hour Road Trip

This session encompasses the Ninety Minute Discovery and Three Hour Exploration sessions.

PLUS this amount of time encourages your truth to reveal itself and bring you and your life meaning and purpose. It might come through as hints and images or even a pop song. It can come in any way however bizarre that way might seem.

Remember your soul is shy… It normally reveals your truth like a bud opening its petals until you get your full and beautiful truth message. Alternatively, for some, their truth arrives as a download which hits them like a ten-ton truck!

Whatever way you get your truth, in partial clues or the full message, it will be absolutely right for you and where you are in your evolutionary process. As The Wild Elder, I know to trust that process. It always leads you to where you need to be for your growth and health.

PLUS you’ll learn how to align yourself with manifesting energies to create what you desire.

No! This is not the stuff in ‘The Secret’ which earned some big names heavy duty dollars. And a lot of disappointed readers.

In this session, you’ll learn The Three Essential Elements of firing up manifestation energy and aligning yourself with that of the Universe. I’ll also show you how to create the optimum feminine/masculine relationship both to provide and receive what’s manifested. 

I’ve said enough! 

You could, of course, use The Five Hour Road Trip for other issues. Your choice. And, as The Wild Elder, it’s only right that I tell you your truth will be the underlying issue whatever you bring.

It’s like food and drink to us. It’s like breathing oxygen to us. It’s like warmth and shelter and safety to us. It’s life itself for us.

I appreciate five hours focused on the work might seem daunting yet clients often tell me they can’t believe where the time’s gone. When you’re working for the greater good of your precious self, time can indeed fly. 

This session runs from 10 am – 4 pm GMT/BST online which includes one hour’s rest and lunch break. If your rhythm is different, no problem. We’ll organise things around you.

And, if you have any questions, do contact me by e-mail,, I wouldn’t want a question to get in the way of you being clear about booking a session…or not.

If you’re a woman who’s just buzzing in her knowing, call me on +44(0) 208 597 9200 or
send me your contact details and
 we’ll organise a time for us to speak and arrange stuff.

How wonderful!

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