Innovative Speaking 


By now you’ll know I’m not same-old-same-old about anything, including speaking. I’ve trained with Toastmasters and  Ginger Public Speaking but don’t let that put you off!

I take from anywhere speaking stuff that works for me and my audiences. In addition, you get my unique Wild Elder® speaking essence. Altogether that gives me an interactive approach, authenticity, warmth, challenge, humour and whatever the topic, my audiences leave with an active ‘to do.’ Overall you’ll receive a certain je ne sais quoi that defies words. 

I’ve been quiet for a few years as I steeped myself in personal and spiritual evolution in preparation for The Wild Elder®

However recently I’ve spoken at several of The Athena Network® groups and run my own public events.

My signature event is…

My Psychotherapy Secrets and Other Wonderful Things!™ 

Topics also include…

What’s Your Soul got to do with Business?

What’s Your Soul got to do with Anything?

The Truth Seeker Life and Other Mysteries™

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Being a Powerful Woman!™

Women are encouraged to ask questions while I’m speaking. This juices up the energy and the richness experienced by my audiences. 

Here’s what some women have said… 

Heart-warming, enlightening, gutsy and ball breaking. Sharon Eden is a wake-up call and a breath of fresh air.

She restores the rightful position of the Elder in our community as the powerhouse of wisdom, knowledge and lifetime guidance that is right there on our doorstep. Listening to her and accessing her experience is a delightful privilege.

With laser-sharp precision and a huge dose of love, she sets you on your way. Above all, Sharon Eden fires you up and inspires you by her very presence to take life by the horns and just go for it.

Frea O’Brien,

I really appreciated Sharon’s talk “what’s soul got to do with your business”. Enjoyable, fascinating, fun and some good tips too! Very happy to recommend her talk as not only well thought out and put together but I also took away a different perspective.

Meg Gordon Sussman, Children’s Party and Event Organiser

Sharon Eden’s talk about “What’s Soul got to do with your Business?” was a highly accessible and interesting talk, which brought what might be thought of as an ‘airy-fairy’ topic down to earth, providing a highly cogent rationale and practical tips. Sharon is a warm, funny and engaging speaker who uses her accumulated wisdom and experience to help others succeed and grow.

Sarah M Davison, The Coaching Homeopath

Sharon manages to both captivate and engage her audience immediately. We identify with her brave and authentic delivery and can relate her story to our own.  Sharon will push boundaries to deliver in a powerful, daring and thought provoking way whilst being incredibly on point at the same time.

Nicky Kentisbeer,

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