Six Session Therapy

These are more your traditional therapy sessions. Bring any issue that’s bugging you causing you dis-ease or you know you want to change in your life. Or come with something creative and positive you want to grow towards.

Won’t I need more than six sessions?  

With me? No! Occasionally a woman might need one or two extra sessions to conclude the work. That’s the exception rather than the rule.

But my friend’s been in therapy for years… 

I’m not the same-old-same-old kinda therapist you see in TV sitcoms or documentaries. We won’t be trawling through your history picking at scabs. Or have you regress in time to experience old wounds all over again.

As The Wilder Elder, I work with systems and energies beyond traditional therapy which speed up the process.

Plus, once I show you how to tap into your own inner wisdom, we become a high healing energy partnership. Not to mention the tips and techniques I teach you to become your own therapist.

Who wants to spend months or years of their precious life in therapy? 

If that’s exactly what you don’t want to do, let’s arrange a time to explore the potent possibilities of you and me working together. No obligation whatsoever! I only work with women who value what I offer and really want to work with me.

Words are symbols for the energy they carry so say YES to my Morning Inspiration and you say YES to first-thing-in-the-morning positive deliciousness.

'The divine loves big ‘asks’ so ask BIG!'

'You are adored...'

'I’ve got your back... always!'

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