Do the words ‘Tarot reading’ lead you to think of kiss-me-quick seaside destinations, fortune tellers’ booths or Magic Meg with a crystal ball?

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Instead, the Tarot are a powerful medium for connecting with your Wild Soul and its fail proof inner guidance. Perfect for helping you conquer self-sabotage and smash your own glass ceiling. The Tarot give you powerful insights and guidance on your unresolved questions, life challenges and decisions… whatever they are! 


To begin with, I don’t do Tarot ‘reading.’

While every card has ascribed meaning, there are layers specific to you that I access through my intuition and tapping into inner and outer wisdom; the ‘beyond-beyond’ as I like to call it. Plus, being clairsentient and clairaudient, I’m able to pick up messages bang on your situation through my body, feelings and hearing.


When you have a Tarot Consultation with me you get forty years’ worth expertise, knowledge and skills as a Spiritual Psychotherapist, mentor, coach and trainer. I not only guide you through the process but help you achieve deeper and richer understanding so you can take more creative and targeted action.


‘I had a Tarot Consultation with the amazing Sharon Eden Wild Elder. It was an incredible experience, revealing hidden guidance and thoughts about issues that I had been struggling with. There were a few unexpected home truths too. 

Sharon was super professional throughout explaining what the cards can and cannot do, she compassionately and empathetically guided me through the whole incredible experience. Thank you.’

Kate Usher, Menopause and Relationships Coach. secondphase.co.uk

While the Tarot can’t foretell your future, you’ll be given shedloads of information and buckets’ full of guidance about your situation and the way forward for your highest good and growth.

Then, as you have free will, what you take on board and do is totally up to you! 

‘Sharon ensures one’s question is clear & focussed setting the foundation and intention which speaks to the cards.

The reading was beautifully structured, serene & spiritual. It was a deep soulful experience with Sharon unfolding each chosen card with specific questions and clarifications.

Sharon Eden Wild Elder is hypnotic in her calm, collected manner yet powerful messages that come through Sharon’s Tarot channelling. I didn’t want it to stop!’ 

Mitty Kahn-Lodhia, Artisan Baker, sweetjusticecakes.com

Imagine feeling lighter and clearer about what’s been troubling you… Like a light-house has focused on your issue or self-sabotage, illuminated what’s essential to its resolution AND then shown you the way forward to step into action and Wild Soul freedom.

Ahhhhhhh… Feel the relief of tension and the clarity you need for constructive action. YES… That can be yours!

One hour consultation – up to six card spread… From £97

Ninety minutes consultation – six card plus spread… From £147


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