Dare to Desire Conference in London 

where Sharon talks about the importance of your Wild Soul and what it can do for you!

April Mahoney

A revealing conversation with April Mahoney, an American blog talk radio host… Her show is called ‘On the Edge’ for a very good reason. Small talk it is not!

Paulo Devescovi Podcast 
In this podcast, Sharon talks with Paulo Devescovi at Project Prosperity about being a psychotherapist-alchemist guide, the importance of accessing your inner wisdom, how the alchemist approach leads to deeper results, her tip to align yourself with your own inner wisdom and how she became the Wild Elder.

Tanya The Communication Doctor 
In this video, Tanya talks to Sharon about divine feminine energy… her dark side as well as her light side. They also talk about alchemy, psychology and spirituality… and have a ball!


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