Three Hour Exploration Session

Now you’re cooking! Containing all the elements of the Ninety Minute Discovery Session this exploration enables more focus on grounding your learning and progress.

So what does that mean? 

It means learning more in-depth the resources you need to embed and how to sustain your development.

Mumbo jumbo, Sharon!

Here’s an example… 

Say you used this session to work with your lack of self-confidence. We might access the part of your personality that holds your self-confidence. Yes-oh-yes! Watch a baby exploring its environment.

You were born with a natural self-confidence which is still there but gone undercover.

You would learn how to nourish that part of you, giving it what it needs to grow and be expressed in your life. Result? You begin feeling more self-confident.

You’ll learn a strategy and some techniques to create your new habit of self-confidence and sustain it. So you’ll leave the session with how to access your desired behaviour, self-confidence, and homework strategy/techniques to embed and express it in your life.

Taa – daa! 

It’s probable we’ll come across one or more ways in which you trip yourself up and sabotage yourself. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But the human being tendency is to stick with the status quo even if it’s not what you want rather than change.

Being The Wild Elder, I’ll show you how to neutralise your trip-you-up sabotaging behaviour. Yes! No trawling through your history. No working out why. No endless therapy or coaching. 

I’ll teach you my Truth Seekers™ neutraliser. It’s designed to co-operate with how you’re wired up and to alchemically transform your trip-you-up stuff into creative help-you-up stuff instead. End of!

As with all transformational work, to create new habits requires your commitment to and action with homework over time. I’ve not yet been granted a fairy godmother’s wand…even though I am The Wild Elder!


You could use this three-hour session to explore your truth. In which case, trip-you-up sabotaging stuff as above will likely appear. Most of us were trained not to listen to our truth growing up… so no surprise there! But my Truth Seeker’s™ neutraliser will make short work of it all.

If you’ve got any query about my Three Hour Exploration Session, please e-mail me at Whether you choose to book for yourself or not it’s important to me that your concern is addressed and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you’re a woman who knows ‘I’m up for this!’ phone me on +44(0) 208 597 9200 or e-mail me to explore booking a session.

Great going, woman!

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