The Truth Seekers Programme™

This Programme encompasses all that’s gone before. It’s a three-month pilgrimage to access your truth, purpose and meaning and learn how to live it. As I write that I feel the sanctity of your journey and the privilege of being able to offer it to you.

This is for a woman up for re-connecting with your essential core truth, how to align yourself and your life with truth and how to walk your talk by expressing your truth in everyday life. 

In short, the programme is for a woman who’s up for personal and spiritual evolution. A woman who wants to be more of who you really are instead of who you were trained to be. A woman who wants to create your own life instead of having someone else, the system or even Big Brother create it for you!

This is not for the faint-hearted. Expect evolution. Expect your soul to thrill at the journey.

Working one to one with me The Wild Elder expect nothing less than transformation! 

Here’s the format over 12 weeks

 One Intensive Truth Seeking Day online
 Ten Weekly 45 minute sessions online
 Daily Morning Practise, Study and Pre-remembering
 Daily e-mail updates to which I respond
 Half Day Intensive Conclusion and Celebration online

As you see, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

In total…12 life-enhancing weeks from who you are to who you can be…

With you setting the agenda in line with your truths creativity.


I can’t tell you what your truth is. That’s for you to discover. 

What I can tell you is that you will learn

  • How to consult with your inner wisdom
  • How to access your truth
  • How to live your truth every day
  • How to neutralise blocks and anti-life gremlins which keep you small and trip you up
  • How to live in love instead of fear
  • How to manifest what you desire
  • How to freakin’ rock!

What will your life be like when you’ve completed The Truth Seekers Programme?

Whatever you desire it to be.  

It could look the same from the outside but will be richer and more fulfilling because of how you’ve expanded as a woman on the inside. Then again, your life might look different on the outside because you’ve been called to create changes in line with your expansion.

Who knows? Only your soul’s yearning, your original design, is the director of your outcome. What I know is what women tell me…

  • That life holds more meaning and purpose.
  • That, for the first time in their lives, they know who they are and what they’re called to be and do in life.
  • They’ve developed more self-confidence and self-assurance.
  • They’re better equipped to cope with life’s downs and celebrate its ups.
  • That making a decision is a no-brainer.

The Truth Seekers Programme™ is for an up-for-it woman who commits to her personal and spiritual growth. A woman who senses there’s much more to her and her life than there is now.

I’m holding the space for that one woman. If you have any questions, whether you sign up for this programme or not, just get in touch at

You getting clarity about your query could make all the difference to your future.  

If you know you are that woman call me on +44(0) 208 597 9200 or
send me your contact details so we can speak.

I am so excited to meet you…

As a wise woman once said, ‘What a gas!’

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