What I Offer 


My original ‘What I offer’ page had a lot of neat packages into which you would have fitted. And then I had an epiphany! Read on to be let into that epiphany. If you don’t want to know, scroll down to the orange-headed section below.

It breaks my freakin’ heart that any women might die with a wasted life, especially you!

I try to imagine what you desire for yourself in those sacred and rare moments when you just focus on you.

WHAT DO YOU DESIRE when you just focus on you if you ever do just focus on you?

I’ve been tuning alchemically into galaxies of women feeling disconnected or unsettled or lost or unsure about who they are and what they’re supposed to be doing or feeling like a robot… Their dis-ease, your dis-ease, wracks through me like a torturing iron despite the ‘I’m fine!’ mask on your face.


You’re just pretending you are.

And you know what, you might even believe you’re fine despite that occasional sick feeling that comes and goes just as quickly.


I’m throwing away all the formats and programmes I list under the ‘What I offer’ navigation tab on my website. Every-freakin’ single one of them.

Am I mad? YES! Mad to be of service to you…

I was advised to lay out my wares as it were, the kind of work I ‘normally do.’ And I bought that bullshit!


We won’t know the optimum way for you to uncover your soul’s truth, your meaning and purpose, and how to embody it until we speak and explore what you want and desire… even if you don’t know what those are right now.

Whatever issue you bring…. relationship challenges, unbearable stress at work, career cracks, bereavement, depression, disconnection from your self… ALL issues are perfect for finding your soul’s truth.

More self-confidence, direction, enthusiasm … You name it you can have it! More feeling anchored in what’s true for you, more meaning and purpose, more creating the contours of your life than living somebody else’s life. More ballsy happiness!

And that starts by us co-creating your evolutionary work rather than you fitting into a neat pre-planned box.

Hell… Isn’t that what you’ve been doing your whole freakin’ life?


The ‘What I offer’ page on my website as it was has come down.

It all feels scary… to not do what the crowd does. Of course there’s a part of me that wants to play it safe. But, far more importantly, there’s my truth, your truth and the most aligned and favourable way in which I can serve you.

And that’s what we’ll discover intuitively and alchemically together!

What I Offer 

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Twenty minutes cost-free exploratory call…   

No freakin’ obligation. We’ll know when we click and can do great work together.

Sixty-minute session or Ninety-minute session   

We’ll meet online to explore whatever you bring with resolution in mind and accessing your SOUL ALCHEMY™


We’ll fill in details when we collaborate on creating the optimum way of working for you. That includes an instalment plan if you need it. And, as long as it’s in line with my integrity if you would prefer a different format happy to include.

Current fees:

Sixty Minute Session £150
Three pre-booked sixty-minute sessions £375  You work out the maths!

Ninety Minute Session £189
Three pre-booked ninety-minute sessions £537  Ditto!

That’s it!

It’s my pleasure to answer your questions, whether you book with me or not.
I’d hate it if you didn’t have the clarity you needed to make the right choice for you.

So do get in touch…

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