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Working with Sharon in her 6-week program has been a lifesaver. I lost my partner in January and needed support in dealing with my ageing (I’m 75) now that I’m alone. After one week, I was able to see clearly that I could let go of this issue, accept it, and move on. And in the weeks that followed, I gained my confidence back and started setting goals for my new life. Sharon is an amazing coach and teacher — don’t miss the opportunity to work with her.

Kat Tansey, Author, Educator, Change Agent, USA

When I contacted Sharon initially I was being challenged financially. Being a Money Mindset Expert myself I knew that there was something deeper still at work or I wouldn’t be in that position but I just didn’t managed to get my finger on it. I’ve been very impressed that Sharon managed to bring the root cause of the issue at hand to the surface and literally blew it away. I have since been going from strength to strength and I have no doubt that Sharon has played a role in that.

AnYes van Rhijn, The Reinvention Mentor and Women’s Empowerment Mentor

I just wanted to let you know myself and a good number of my friends love your messages and, in a world full of clutter, it is really unusual to find something arrive in your inbox that doesn’t make you want to unsubscribe.

Carrie Moseley, Manchester

Heart-warming, enlightening, gutsy and ball-breaking. Sharon Eden is a wake-up call and a breath of fresh air.

She restores the rightful position of the Elder in our community as the powerhouse of wisdom, knowledge and guidance that is right there on our doorstep. Listening to her and accessing her experience is a delightful privilege.

With laser-sharp precision and a huge dose of love, she sets you on your way. Above all, Sharon Eden fires you up and inspires you by her very presence to take life by the horns and just go for it.

Frea O’Brien,

When I began therapy with Sharon Eden, I was a mess both mentally and physically. I had lost who I truly was and did not know how to get out of my anxiety trap.

I came to Sharon who is very straightforward and intuitive with her techniques. She uses her therapeutic knowledge combined with an inner knowing to help guide you through your journey and face your darkness. Many tools and exercises to help you through a process. 

You need to do the work too but if you do the work alongside the therapy the results are out of this world.

I found the strength to give up my job that was toxic and move forward on my life’s path. I now feel stronger than ever, able to experience calm again. Most importantly I’ve found who I am once more. I highly recommend Sharon for anyone willing to do the deep work alongside the therapy!

Sharon Law, Essex, (coming soon)

I really appreciated Sharon’s talk “what’s soul got to do with your business”. Enjoyable, fascinating, fun and some good tips too! Very happy to recommend her talk as not only well thought out and put together but I also took away a different perspective.

Meg Gordon Sussman, Children’s Party and Event Organiser

I was extremely anxious and had lost all my confidence and self-esteem. Felt I had no purpose and no idea how to deal with all these feelings. The only misgiving I had was could you really help me and understand what I was feeling and living with, but I was proved oh so wrong!

I now feel more confident, more in charge of my feelings and realise my purpose in life is not just about work. Working with you was a wonderful journey of finding out more about me and how I tick. The approaches you used worked for me and I always got the sense you were psychologically ‘in tune’ with me and me only. Thank you, Sharon…

Caroline Bernard, Essex, Digital Specialist and Cake Designer Extraordinaire

I just love the ‘sayings’ you send each day and find them so inspirational.

Jacqueline Gunn, Hampshire

Sharon Eden’s talk about “What’s Soul got to do with your Business?” was a highly accessible and interesting talk, which brought what might be thought of as an ‘airy-fairy’ topic down to earth, providing a highly cogent rationale and practical tips. Sharon is a warm, funny and engaging speaker who uses her accumulated wisdom and experience to help others succeed and grow.

Sarah M Davison, The Coaching Homeopath

Your wisdom is extraordinary as are your professional skills in creating a safe space allowing deep, highly effective and explorative work to unfold. You have an enormous heart that reaches to the deepest parts and quickly allows women to awaken. You are a rare divine woman with humour, sensitivity and knowledge which helps to set women free to enjoy their lives their way.

Andrea Maria Lucas, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Advanced Clinical ‘Body’ Therapist,

I have met you a couple of years ago while I was still teaching and needed desperate counselling.  One of the first things you told me was to pick a pebble from your mantle piece.  That is still one of my ‘lucky’ pebbles would you believe!

Your methods of helping me was at the time confusing and a little ‘odd’.  But I have always liked ‘odd’ and the older I get the more I am attracted to the ‘oddness’ of people, things and nature.

I have since returned to my birth country after a divorce.  And here I am returning to your ‘Wild Elder Wisdom’ that used to sustain me in so many ways…

Thank you… from the bottom of my heart.  Like teachers, I guess you don’t always get the feedback (especially positive) from people you have treated in the past.

But this past person want to thank you.  Your wisdom keeps shining through in my everyday life and every day I find another of your ‘wisdom pebbles’ to guide me through my challenges.

I have even told a friend(ex-sister-in-law who is still a friend and a soul sister) to subscribe to your daily wisdom quotes.  Through your sub-conscious guidance I am embracing my ‘womanhood’ and attending a ‘Red Tent’ Facilitator training workshop.  

Please keep doing what you are doing.  I was blessed to have ‘found’ you through the Redbridge teaching channels and am forever grateful.

I don’t mind you sharing this on social media.  We don’t share the positives enough in life so if you can share some of my feedback, please go ahead. Thank you again.

Tess (Therese Theron) 

I’d had a tricky few days with a big decision or two to make and wasn’t too sure on the next steps.  We didn’t talk details however Sharon’s spooky understanding and guidance during our 30-minute session gave me clarity on what I needed to do next, I’m looking forward to working with my Wild Elder again in the future, truly insightful.

Caroline Ashlee, Forever Business Owner & Mentor

Sharon manages to both captivate and engage her audience immediately. We identify with her brave and authentic delivery and can relate her story to our own.  Sharon will push boundaries to deliver in a powerful, daring and thought provoking way whilst being incredibly on point at the same time.

Nicky Kentisbeer,

I was very unsure of my current situation and torn between two decisions. Within five minutes of the session, Sharon helped me pinpoint why I was feeling the way I was and helped me move forward. By the end of the session, it was clear to me what I needed to do to achieve my goals. My time with Sharon was truly inspirational and I feel more positive about my decisions and actions. She’s an attentive listener and is excellent at making you aware of your thoughts at that present moment which is vital to help one move forward.

Winnie Wong, Reflexologist

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