What can I tell you?

You are a unique wild courageous woman and, if you’re considering this work, you’ve probably been called to it. Perhaps even if you don’t understand why?

You’ve probably gone through my Wild Soul Programme or worked with me in some other way. Just now and again a woman appears out of the blue and knows 100% this is the work for her… and she’s always right! 

For this is an accelerated growth programme designed totally but totally to fit your desires, evolutionary needs and Wild Soul trajectory as determined in an initial Assessment Consultation. 

There’s usually at least one area of self-sabotage to conquer, probably more, and at least one glass ceiling to smash. Apart from that, who knows? 

The magic and mystery of your unfolding will emerge as we work in partnership in line with the integrity of your Wild Soul, your fail proof inner guidance system.

‘I feel privileged to have not just worked with Sharon but to have met such a shining light, the benefits of her work has made me take paths, take opportunities I would associate with fear… now I feel fierce.’ Machan Enever (M.K.E) Lighting Design Consultant UK

It’s like when you choose a holiday instinctively. Somewhere calls to you even when you don’t know why… Istanbul, Athens, somewhere on the Mediterranean. You just know you have to go. And when you do, you unexpectedly find treasure that brings meaning, purpose or enlightenment to your life.

‘Sharon is like a breath of fresh air. I started to feel a shift after just a couple of sessions and I love her approach to both helping me overcome my trauma and keeping me focused. Her approach is like nothing I have experienced before, far more impressive and it works.’ Aly Essex, Marketing and PR Consultant, UK

Typically, women book The Wild Soul Programme and then move forward into a further six sessions, sometimes then one or two more. 

I’m unable to say how you’ll benefit precisely from this work as I don’t know where or how your Wild Soul will urge you to fly. However…

The beautiful and sacred reality I do know is you will emerge from the work having crossed a threshold and stepped into an expanded, more powerful, enthusiastic and confident you! 


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