So here’s the deal...

Six sixty minute appointments are booked weekly to take maximum advantage of the repair and restore process we get cooking through the initial assessment consultation included in this programme.

I’ll tell you to expect to see some improvement by your third session. And you will…


Because I don’t mess about.. 

Your life’s too precious to be in therapy for months and months… even years! Plus you’re far more resourceful than the therapy world often gives you credit for. When you work with the power of your Wild Soul, your fail-proof inner guidance system…

Well, let’s just say the women with whom I work, who engage with what I offer, usually resolve what’s troubling them and undergo an evolutionary shift in the six weeks’ programme. 

Yes… I do mean six weeks!

 ‘Thank you, Sharon! You’ve done so much for me to recover from my brokenness and pain. I left England 10 years ago, and your words still resonate…’ Fabienne Pendant, France

Every woman I’ve ever worked with who has engaged with the therapy conquers self-sabotage and smashes her own glass ceiling.

Because what’s troubling you is also a clue to the next step in your evolution and, when I hear that clue, we can follow it like a detective to the place of your maximum repair.

It becomes a lever which takes all the strain. And the boulder that’s troubling you is slowly and sometimes not so slowly but always effectively rolled away.

And we don’t freakin’ trawl endlessly through your history!

Goddess save me from interminable navel gazing and months and months or years full of it!

In my way of working your Wild Soul points us to the top of your psycho-spiritual pile with a je ne sais quoi but impactful energy. If you said, ‘The price of grapes is disgusting!’ with that energy, I recognise your Wild Soul giving us one big beautiful clue to follow.

Who said this process is logical? That’s not necessarily the language of your Wild Soul.


The clue will lead us to the place of your maximum repair. When that’s resolved, there’s a positive trickle down healing effect on all things lower down in your pile.


You save months and months of your precious life not being in therapy!

The good news is…

You never get more than you can cope with because your Wild Soul guides us safely through.  It’s never too late to heal and grow. If I do 30 seconds before I pass, I’ll yell EUREKA and then pop off! An hour of your week is all you need to start making a positive difference. And this programme collaborates with the way you’re wired up so, as long as you’re not a Martian, it will definitely work for you.


Six weekly up to one-hour psycho-spiritual therapy sessions including an initial assessment consultation…

This programme is for you if you desire to resolve what’s troubling you, conquer self-sabotage and smash your own therapeutic glass ceiling.

‘A big shout out to Sharon Eden Wild Elder… I’ve had six sessions with Sharon. That woman is amazing. She’s helped me uncover traumas that I didn’t know I had (I knew I had traumas but had no idea where to look to identify them). Can’t thank her enough. I feel so at peace now!’ AnYes van Rhijn, Life and Business Transformation Mentor, UK


Some women like to split the six weeks into two lots of three and that’s fine with me. Plus, if you get what your desire at session three, I don’t make you stay!


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